Water Accumulation from Bath Tub Liners

Bath Tub liners are designed to fit over your existing bathtub and walls. Several problems that may occur are result of water building in the space between the existing tub and the installed liner. This is next to impossible to remove without replacing the liner itself. Over time, this water becomes stagnant, and will lead to offensive odors and unsanitary mold and mildew. The following issues can result in this water buildup:

>>Cracks in the liner around the drain due to improper measurements.

>>Since liners are formed from a single sheet of plastic, the corners are typically thin and are prone to cracking as well.

>>Improper installation or insufficient adhesive can also result in leaks around the drain areas.

Beautiful Finishes refinishing eliminates open spaces because our process creates a permanent molecular bond between the new finish and the existing substrate, moisture cannot accumulate, thus eliminating the problem.















bath tub liners

This bath tub liner developed a crack by the drain.