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Bathtub Replacement Cost vs Bathtub Refinishing Cost

You can save up to 80% with Bathtub Refinishing over replacement of your bathtub.

The purchase of a new bathtub can cost as little as $300, but after adding up all the costs that a contractor would charge, the total cost quickly grows up to thousands.

How much should a professional bathtub refinishing cost?

A professional bathtub refinishing should cost no more than $400. If you are paying more than $400 for bathtub refinishig you should research why??

Refinishing Vs. Replacement

Less than $400* Tub Refinishing

$700 - Demolition, removal & disposal


$300 - Steel Tub


$400 - Plumber & Parts


$500 - Tile work


$300 - Flooring, carpentry


$200 - Permits & Inspections

Time without tub: 4 hours

Time without tub: 7-10 days

Less than $400* Total Refinishing Cost

$2,400 Total Replacement Cost

*Based on the national average
Prices may vary by region.


Using Beautiful Finishes, Inc. as your overall remodeling plan will save you a lot of unnecessary costs that will allow you to upgrade many other areas. Why wait weeks for the replacement of your bathtub? when you can modernize your bath or kitchen by refinishing in only a few hours?

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