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Bathtub Liners Installation

Installing bathtub liners is much more time intensive than bathtub refinishing.

First, a sales person comes to your home with a contract for you to sign.Then, either the sales person or another technician measures your tub. The liner is then manufactured in an off-site factory, increasing the likelihood of discrepancies between the liner and your actual tub's measurements. Then the liner is shipped to the installer. Once the installer receives the liner, they schedule another appointment for installation.The entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks from the initial conversation with the sales person.

With Beautiful Finishes, our factory-trained technicians come to your home, set up, apply, clean up, and are out within a matter of hours.


















bathtub liner

This tub liner developed a crack by the drain, releasing unsanitary moisture that had built up in the spaces between the liner & the porcelain tub.