The Cost of Bathtub Liners

The cost of bathtub liners is much more expansive than refinishing!

Bathtub liners are usually 50% to 70% more expansive than bathtub refinishing. Average bathtub liners can start at a cost of $1,200 but if you add accessories: a wall system, soap dishes, etc the price could go up to $4,000. More expansive versions of bathtub liners can even cost up $5,000, while the average refinishing job with Beautiful Finishes can be much less than $350.

A smart low cost alternative to bathtub liners is refinishing of the existing bathtub. The refinishing process usually takes 1 day and
the installation of bathtub liners could take up to several weeks. Bathtub refinishing works on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic.

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This bath tub liner failed because of the adhesive used to “glue” the bathtub liner on.