Bath Tub Liner Replacement

Due to the manner in which they are installed, bath tub liners have a bad reputation for cracking or overtime creating a hole or crack in the caulk.

When that happens water gets trapped in between the tub and the liner and creates unpleasant odors and overtime mold and mildew build up. Once water gets trapped in between the bath tub and the liner it is impossible to clean it out, therefore the only fix is to replace the bath tub liner.

Bath tub liners can be difficult to replace when they do eventually wear out or fail. Removal involves ripping or cutting the old liner out, re-cleaning the original surface, and going through the whole installation process again. Bathtub Liners should always be installed by a licensed plumber because the thickness of the liner usually requires a drain extension.

Bath Tub Liners Problems:


1.Create cracks in the liner around the drain.

2.Create cracks or small holes in the caulking along the seam.

3.Can leak around the drain areas.

4. Cost 50%- 70% more than bath tub refinishing.

5. Take weeks to measure, order and install.

6. Come in limited colors.

7. Require licensed plumber.

8. Can be difficult to replace.

Avoid the hassle, time and expense of installing or replacing a bathtub liner! Call Beautiful Finishes today and have your bathtub refinished.




bath tub liner replacement

Removing a bath tub liner is not easy. In order to remove this bath tub liner above Beautiful Finishes had to cut it in little pieces.